Nightshade NG Features

Nightshade® NG Features

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Physically Based Rendering

Physical laws are used wherever possible to render objects for the most authentic simulation. Our starfield's realism is second to none.

Enhanced Atmosphere

Physical modeling of the atmosphere in 3D provides realistic views from any perspective. See beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and other effects.

Terrain Engine

Simply purchase and plug in add-on data sets to explore extremely detailed topography and surface imagery on select bodies. Lightning fast, no visual watermarks, and works offline—ideal even for portables!

View add-on datasets.

Sky Engine

Zoom in anywhere on the sky to see incredible detail. Choose from different wavelengths and surveys.

Coming soon.

Break Out of the Solar System

Now you can fly to nearby stars or even outside our galaxy. Illustrate spatially how our constellations are Earth-centric. Travel to any of more than two million 3D stars, all exhibiting proper motion.

NG Professional Only

Volumetric Milky Way Galaxy

Flying around or through this exclusive volumetric simulation of our own galaxy is awe inspiring. Developed collaboratively by Digitalis and an international team of astrophysicists.

NG Professional Only

Volumetric Nebulae

Fly to, around, and through a few of the most interesting nebulae visible from Earth.

NG Professional Only


Take a time-lapse exposure to visualize celestial motions and phasing over time. Even better, grids and labels do not accumulate and ruin your exposure.

Shadow Visualizations

In addition to realistic ray-traced shadows of moons and rings, a volumetric shadow visualization feature is also included.

StratoScript™ 18

Automate any part of your shows with this simple, yet powerful scripting language. Now enhanced with features like text placement, keyframe recording, and completely updated documentation. Almost 100% backward compatible with your existing scripts for ease of migration.

# Fly to Saturn
# over 10 seconds

select planet Saturn
flyto duration 10

Rendering Controls

Now you have fine control over color saturation, gamma adjustment, and exposure settings. Adjust to meet your aesthetic or teaching needs.

Visual Media Browser

For Digitarium hand-held remote users, you now see thumbnails while browsing through your media files. As usual, you can flip though a presentation and reposition images or videos on the dome in real time. But now you can also superimpose these on the live sky, including with text captions if desired. Fulldome, perspective, and 360 video are all seamlessly supported.

Automated Image Calibration

Multi-projector Digitarium systems come with automated camera-based image calibration, which takes only minutes. All alignment warping is done directly in NG for the highest quality.

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